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A highly experienced process consultant, leadership learning facilitator and in-depth coach, Sue brings systemic, progressive and creative thinking to developing leadership with a deep understanding of OD. Clients describe her as tenacious and inspirational, with an infectious zest for life. She has worked in this field for over 30 years. She speaks and teaches on leadership, presenting at conferences in the UK and abroad. Sue completed her PhD in Leadership in 2013, her research has inspired both the Leaderful Women Project and establishing the core concepts of the EB Centre. As a respected author, she has published books & papers on business psychology, management & leadership, organisational development, diversity, and coaching. Sue has worked with leaders at the most senior level in Finance & Banking, Energy, IT, Logistics, Communications, Pharmaceuticals and Central Government. She has worked with women leaders and professionals nationally and globally.



Rosie is an explorer and translator of ideas, with a flair for developing them into actionable plans and value-adding outcomes. Her work is valued across many sectors and she builds strong relationships and deep understanding of her client's context.  A former international athlete, she continues to coach national, Olympic and Paralympic level professionals.  With an astute sense of what also creates the conditions for success outside the sporting context, she has been a highly regarded professional in leadership development, coaching and team facilitation for over 25 years, bringing a combination of theoretical rigour, pragmatism and a deep interest in people. She is co-author of "A Fresh Approach".  Rosie has worked in Engineering, Construction, Professional Sports Organisations, SMEs, Banking and Finance, Pharmaceutical, Civil Service and Telecommunications. Clients describe her as grounded and reflective, on a constant quest to deepen leadership wisdom and knowledge.

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Mary has a lively curiosity and an appetite for new possibilities.  She brings a blend of in-company and external consulting experience to her coaching, facilitation and leadership development work.  Her earlier career as a business psychologist and then as a senior leader within a global drinks business gave her insight across a wide range of sectors and geographies and has influenced her in taking a systemic approach with her clients.  Her focus is on enabling shifts in leadership behaviour and leadership culture towards a more progressive, balanced leadership approach, and she has co-authored "A Fresh Approach" with her partners in EB Ltd.  She has worked within sectors as diverse as the financial sector; media; shipping industry; oil and gas services industry; professional services; food and drink; engineering firms; and telecommunications. Clients describe her as professional and engaging, combining constructive challenge with empathy.

EB Practitioner Partners




Lindsay brings clarity to the complex areas of authentic leadership, career development, cross-cultural effectiveness, and wellbeing.  She coaches leaders for development and lasting transformation, taking psychological and systemic approaches that enable lasting change by going beyond what presents on the surface. She is EMCC accredited at Senior Practitioner level.



Alison brings her experience in complex international roles to the provision of innovative solutions to leadership challenges.  In her work as a coach and facilitator, she is grounding and inspiring.  She connects with people and challenges them to go beyond what they thought possible, opening up different perspectives that help them make real and sustainable progress.




Fuelled by a strongly entrepreneurial nature, Dave is tenacious in seeking successful outcomes.  He is inquisitive with a deep interest in understanding what makes people effective as leaders.  He successfully combines the running of stimulating leadership development programmes, with hisbusiness challenges and responsibilities as Chair of the Smaller Earth Group.




Kerry is most fulfilled when supporting the stretch into new leadership possibilities. She quickly gets to the heart of an issue and brings clarity to what needs to be done. Based in Ireland, Kerry works in sectors including health, finance, engineering and pharmaceutical.  People experience her as wholehearted, compassionate, curious, and observant.




Jon is an experienced business coach and OD specialist who combines psychological insight with an understanding of business.  He works with a whole systems perspective, appreciating the interconnectedness not just of business life but of life in general and helping individuals and teams achieve sustainable goals. He has great insight and a warmly facilitative way of working.



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For Jon creating better working environments and more successful enterprises are long-term passions that have grown throughout his working life. He came to the leadership development profession after a 25-year business career spent mostly in the publishing and media industries. He served at Board level for more than a decade, running a number of businesses as managing director – in the UK and internationally. 


Strategic Partners



The EB Centre has established a Strategic Partnership with Personal Management International (PMI), Denmark. Where we are combining progressive thinking for leaders and their organisations in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Jesper Bobjerg and Kia Karrebæk are highly skilled, experienced consultants. They have completed the training in the EB Qualities of Practice® concept. We are working closely with them in this partnership.




Jesper Bobjerg has extensive experience in working with leaders and organizations, as a leader, consultant and coach. Previously an international leader in the media business for several years where he gained extensive experience in the most senior positions and of corporate life. With a focus on leadership, strategy, change management and growth he now brings this wealth of knowledge into his consultancy practice.



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Kia Karrebæk is an experienced coach with a Master degree from the IT University, a bachelor degree in Korean culture and is educated as psychotherapeutic organizational consultant. Kia has worked for 13 years in the financial sector as IT project manager, Operations manager and as HR manager in an HR development department. Kia also work with outplacement and has her own therapeutic praxis.