A truly generative and growth-focused 360 process

In the Relational 360FF, we have re-imagined the 360 concept – taking the step into ‘Feedforward’ and creating a generative and relational process that cultivates a growth mindset in both subjects and contributors.   The Relational 360FF  puts understanding self and relating with others at the heart of leadership.  It taps into the most fundamental elements of effective leadership:

  • self-understanding
  • awareness of impact on others
  • connection with the social and relational systems that we work within
  • clarity about the qualities that will create the conditions for success
“Our senior management team all participated in the 360FF process,
supported by the EB facilitator. It fuelled the best dialogue we have ever had as a group”
— Director, IT company

Experience the 360FF process

relational : searching : dialogic : non-judgmental : expansive : dynamic

The Relational 360 FF is an expansive and dynamic process, not just a questionnaire. 

It retains the core principle of gathering input from peers, direct reports, their boss and other people outside the organisation.  The process is set up to be transparent, inviting contributors to constructively share how they experience the person. 

The EB Relational 360 FF process guides the individual through a deep reflection on their own leadership and provides a robust basis for dialogue with others about developing further.

It helps leaders to understand their impact and their potential and it helps create the habit of learning in a social and relational context, ensuring that people can grow into their full leadership capacity.

The shift from ordinary leadership to exceptional leadership comes through deep learning – and the Relational 360FF® provides an excellent springboard for deep learning about self and others
— Executive and Board Coach