Creating flourishing cultures with a competitive edge
Tapping into expansive and diverse qualities of leadership


The right organisation culture provides a fertile platform for creating the conditions for success.  It enables the organisation to flourish as it integrates the new - adapting and evolving in pace with our fast-evolving world.   

The 'Balanced Leadership' approach taps into the organisation's agenda for change and growth, ensuring that the underlying culture is refreshed and does not get stuck in old habits that no longer serve it well. 

The work begins at senior levels, with people at the top participating in the processes and the shaping of the change agenda.  These leaders are able to initiate change in themselves, becoming role models and mentors as new ways of working are rolled out into the wider organisation. 

We work to create leadership cultures that are inclusive and diverse and that are equipped to flourish.


Your organisation may be

  • navigating a merger or acquisition
  • enhancing its reputation with customers
  • seeking to become the employer of choice
  • responding to technological advances
  • facing a new and dominant competitor
  • adapting to rapid growth or inevitable downsizing
  • shaking out of staleness and atrophy
  • looking beyond traditional performance management

All of these scenarios trigger a re-thinking, a re-imagining of 'how we do things around here' - a need to keep the culture attuned to current needs and poised for future success.

We have been galvanised to finally let go of a competency-based system that wasn’t working for us and the whole senior team is energised by the challenge of creating a culture that builds its performance on our leadership qualities of practice
— MD, Enterprise Sector