Small groups, big themes, deep learning and real-time relevance



To gain and hold a sustainable competitive edge, organisations are seeking to become more agile - to be able to learn and adapt to the emerging challenges of an evolving world.  The Leadership Learning PODS have been designed to meet this need.  

PODS offer progressive leadership development that engenders adaptability, a growth-mindset and the cultivation of leadership wisdom. 

The deceptively simple yet powerful design of the EB PODS has been a refreshing ‘shot-in-the-arm’
for our leadership development agenda.
— Head of Talent



Designed to stretch senior and emerging leadership capacity, a POD is formed with a small group of leaders, who are facilitated to learn with and from each other.  PODS create a confidential, supported and constructively challenging learning environment.  They enable people to grow in their leadership in a way that has both personal meaning, and relevance for the systems they work within.

The design is adaptable. The leadership themes and topics are tailored to the needs of the organisation and the participants, such as:

  • Leadership through change
  • Transition from manager to leader
  • Women in leadership
  • Creating culture shifts
  • Stretching talent/high-potentials



What is it like being part of a POD?

POD members are supported in achieving the leadership impact they are capable of, in a way that is authentic and becoming attuned to and influential in the environments in which they work. Becoming role models for change, capable of influencing the leadership culture of the organisation, they engender balanced leadership through strengthening a range of Qualities of Practice®.

What is the format for the PODS?

Each POD has a dedicated tutor/facilitator and made up of 6-8 participants, usually peers, running for a period of 6-9 months.

A typical PODS programme would be:



EB Leadership Learning PODS