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leaderful women learning pods

A Women-Led & inclusive solution
to accelerate the progression of female leaders


At the EB Centre we have been researching how to address the urgent national and global issue 'How to progress and integrate more women into senior and top positions'. Our research findings, ongoing enquiries and extensive work we have provided with our clients, have led to this post-conventional approach for women.

PODS are transformative and liberating with an inclusive edge, where talented women become catalysts for change - as the women grow and develop in their leadership they reshape the culture around them to support the progression of other women.

Women’s progress becomes strengthened and accelerated through;

  • living balanced leadership - a self & system approach
  • inclusive actions that build strong relationships
  • re-storying cultural assumptions that are barriers for women
  • strengthening authoritative identity
  • becoming more politically astute
  • building stronger self belief and self confidence
  • role modelling new leadership behaviours that infuse the culture. 


Organisations who want to support talented women to step confidently into more senior positions.Senior and emerging female leaders who want to fulfil their professional ambitions.


POD design is co-created with the client to meet their particular needs with all the above in mind - it is not 'programme-based'. We meet both global and local needs in a variety of ways.

A particular value of PODS is that they are spread over a period of time, typically a 6-9 month period - a Learning Journey

Insights and new ways of working are achieved through addressing live issues from a concept-experience-action-feedback process, building on; the lived experiences of participants, reflective learning methods, tutor-led input on emerging topics and experimenting with new ways of working. 

The POD becomes a resource and support for taking action on difficult or seemingly insurmountable challenges. 


The EB Centre provides specialist consultancy, facilitation, coaching and learning methods to achieve high standards of learning in these PODS.


For our specialist work with women in leadership, the EB Centre partners with The Leaderful Women Project.

The Leaderful Women Project is an exciting and forward-thinking, not-for-profit venture that specialises in providing organisations with the knowledge and learning to strengthen the presence and capacity of women in their leadership culture. The Leaderful Women approach is research-based and inclusive, moving beyond gender difference towards building cultures that can draw on the wide range of talents that women and men alike bring to their leadership.