Systemic, thought-provoking and experiential
Leadership Development for aspiring and established leaders



EB Programmes develop balanced leaders who

  • Have deepened their self-knowledge and self-belief, with greater clarity about what they bring to leadership
  • Are more attuned to others and equipped to develop constructive and productive relationships
  • Are emotionally grounded – able to read and respond appropriately to emotion in-the-moment
  • Become role models, capable of influencing the leadership culture of the organisation 
  • Bring into play an expanded, more balanced range of qualities of leadership practice.
  • Have a clear understanding of their responsibilities as leaders and are better equipped to fulfill those responsibilities
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We work with the client organisation to structure a journey for leaders that will be resonant with the culture and strategic objectives.

We tailor for the needs of progressing talent; for leaders new to their senior roles; and for established leaders who see the value of continuing to stretch and grow.

“I want to say that the workshop sessions are powerful and are really making me think about how I do things and what I can improve and change and adapt. I think this is the first time that a course has truly made me think about myself and my leadership.
— Participant

Features of our programmes


  • Responsible learners partnering with experienced tutors
  • Active contributors to the learning of fellow participants
  • Here-and-now strategies AND future-focused growth
  • Reflective learning at depth
  • Experiments and actions in the workplace to embed new practices
  • Interactive and self-directed learning, through varied mediums
  • Coaching support throughout
  • Regular liaison with organisational sponsors
An illustrative programme design

An illustrative programme design

Thank you EB, for an inspiring workshop last week - I’ve become bolder at work - I’ve realised that I can be the initiator of change in our team, and in my organisation even though my job is hugely challenging at present.
— Director SME network