The EB Qualities of Practice® concept enlivens and enriches the work of developing leadership systemically and personally. By thinking in terms of adding value through a wide range of leadership qualities of practice, it creates a generative picture of what leadership looks like and challenges out-dated, relatively narrow images of leadership that stubbornly persists in many organisations.

The distinctive Qualities of Practice® process is grounded in robust research and designed to suit our dynamic and evolving world, generating leadership insights that are relevant to context and need.

I was astonished at how quickly the group moved into meaningful discussion about issues of inclusive leadership that had previously been seen as too uncomfortable and tricky to broach.
— Department Head, Insurance

The QofP processes generate learning through concept, experience and dialogue;

  • Understanding current leadership practices
  • Discovering eclipsed
  • Growing balance in your leadership
  • Anticipating the qualities needed for future success
  • Deepening self-understanding and strengthening self-belief
  • Achieving lasting shifts in the leadership culture

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Well researched and new approaches to leadership development are rare. EB’s unique philosophy is combined with a very accessible tool and provides a powerful formula for working with today’s leaders.
— Head of OD, City Council