Equipping leadership teams to excel


We work in partnership with the team and their sponsor to scope the work thoughtfully and imaginatively - often beginning with the essential work of articulating the collective purpose of the team and defining the accountabilities that need to be clear for purposeful action. 

Our work enables teams to hold a balance between adeptly handling their day-to-day leadership challenges, and being "future-ready" in pursuit of ongoing success.  Together with the team, we work at depth, drawing out collective foresight and insights.

Whatever the topic we are working with, we pay particular attention to the relational and social dimensions which will enable the team to achieve successful outcomes.

Releasing the team's full leadership capacity


Working with EB will

  • enable leadership teams to create the conditions for success within the team and in the wider organisation.
  • build individual self-belief as well as collective capability,
  • leverage a diverse range of leadership qualities
  • support a rich exploration of strengths and differences
  • develop a collective perspective on what the team wants to be known for – its reputation and impact.



Team members learn the arts and skills of being collaboratively competitive including:

  • a respect for diverse perspectives and contributions;
  • a capacity for constructive and open discussion;
  • robust processes for moving to sustainable decisions and actions;
  • clarity of accountability and
  • the confidence to ask for help. 

Our Relational 360FF process can provide a framework within which each team member work together to appreciate what each brings and to build open dialogue about how they work together and learn together to become fully effective as a leadership team.

We collaborate competitively with you

One of the keys to engendering balance in teams, is the concept of "collaborating competitively" - working as a cohesive unit in order to be considered high-performing within your environment. We practice what we preach in this regard. From the outset, clients derive tremendous added value from the way we collaborate with them and from our orientation towards defined outcomes that can make a real competitive difference. 

Thank you! I’m delighted with how much ground we covered; felt that it was inclusive of all team members; generated tangible ideas and actions as well as provoking quite deep reflection”.
— CEO, Finance Sector